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You will receive an USC Registration Certificate and a Dog Tag with your unique USC Registration number.

You will get a subscription to the / Newsletter.

USC registered animals will be eligible to enter at any time, and will be eligible to join competition and show events held by

Registered Owners, Instructors and Breeders will be eligible for discounts and special offers on & products and services including the latest methods and technology in dog training and care.

All Dogs Registered at and will have our Lost Dog Recovery Service free of charge. The one time registration starts your 24 hour message monitor for any reports of your dog found. Dog owner's information is held private, and messages with information about your found dog are sent to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find your dog Quickly and Safely. Also, many state and local jurisdictions now have regulation requiring their resident dog owners to have such a service. Registration is a very low cost and easy way to meet this requirement.

Optional Reports and services that are available to Registered owners include:
  * Belt Grade Awards   *   Regulation Compliance Documentation   *   Ownership Documentation   *   Pedigree/Genealogy Documentation   *   and other services.

Here the focus is on the dog's potential for Service, Working & Sporting duties. Yes the Registry holds breed conformity records for optional reports as well, but Breeders & Puppy Buyers who are developing true Service, Working & Sporting Dogs find valuable information for the purpose at!

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