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Breeder & Trainer Information SHOP is about Better Working & Service Dogs!

Our organization is about developing, improving, and using Systematic Training Methods, and equipment to ease and speed progress of Trainer & Dog Partnerships in performance of specialized duties. Methods that help human & canine work together and complement each other's talents. offers Suggestions of Training Methods, Training Equipment, Breeds to use for different purposes, Expectations by age of dog, Animal nutrition, Animal Health suggestions,and many other aspects of caring for and benefiting from partnering with a dog to the fullest extent.

An Instructor teaches a Trainer who in turn teaches a Dog. While the Instructor may train their own dog, and while an Instructor may spend some time training your dog; (and for some Specialties there could even be a "Training Dog" who is brought to work with a new dog, so "Training Dogs" teach "New Dogs"), is about helping new Trainers. is about people teaching people, which is why organization is also open to people with their own ideas. There are very few hard and fast methods, equipment, & rules required to join and benefit. Ours are Suggestions. When it comes down to the individual Trainer & Dog Partnership, you learn from each other what you want and need. Credentials are, let's face it, some would say about bragging rights. These Credentials are about a judgment of abilities, and are also useful in breaking down the on-going training process into easier steps that help us match our expectations with what is possible. The Colored Belt Awards can be issued to any dog that is registered in our Sporting, Working, or Service categories. The Belt Awards are for Sporting purposes to be used to place contestants in categories for competition at USC events. (see: Disclaimers)

At, Colored Belt Awards are issued to "Trainer & Dog Partnerships". Requirements for these vary from Service Specialty to Specialty and may also vary to some extent from Instructor to Instructor. There is, however, a basic thread common to all Achievement Grades and that is the 6 step issuances of color belt awards of Orange through Brown. This will be easy to follow for many people who have seen the system on which ours is modeled used in traditional Karate classes, and was first used by Mr. Jigoro Kano in his martial art of JUDO in 1883.

We encourage Trainers to proudly allow their Service, Working & Sporting Dogs to display these signs of achievement as they progress through their training.

USC branded Collars, Service Vests, and other displays are allowed at White Belt by any dog that is registered with or

USC branded Collars, Service Vests, and other displays are allowed at Yellow Belt by any dog that is registered and the Trainer/Owner has started, or plans to enter into an program.
Registered Service Dog Vest

To acquire the achievement level award of Orange Belt, there will be demonstration by the Trainer and Dog Team to their USC Instructor of a set of BASICS having been fully learned. Most of these Orange Belt Basics are very similar from Specialty to Specialty, but as a Trainer & Dog Team progress through the further grades of Blue, Purple, Green and Brown, the specific requirements diverge for different Specialties. By the time they have worked hard over the course of 12 to 24 months to achieve a Green or Brown Belt, We may find that Trainer & Dog may also know Commands and perform duties that were from other Specialties, and the Belt Awards are not so much about bragging, but give us very useful information to help communicate what we have accomplished and how, for improving our learning and teaching methods. Black Belt Awards are only available in a few of the Specialties at this time. For a Trainer & Dog Partnership to achieve such requires a Very, Very SMART Dog and a Very, Very COMMITTED Trainer! After possibly 24 to 36 months of intensive and diligent work, the achievement of a Black Belt Award is indeed Prestigious!

For more about the Programs and Service Specialties offered, search for an Instructor near you --HERE--
send an email to describing your interest.

Dogs Do Not Practice Medicine! They simply have instincts and abilities from which we may benefit in Many ways. How you interact with any dog and to what extent you rely on a dog's expected behavior is your own responsibility. While any Instructor and Trainer registered at USC may be a practicing MD, USC does not Register Doctors as such. Any statement that could be construed as medical advice that is made by a person who is registered at USC is of their own fruition. or Registry in no way offers medical advice. Our Sporting Colored Belt Awards have no medical use. Our Specialty Service Dog categories, descriptions, commands, or training are not medical advice. ASK YOUR DOCTOR.
Civil Credentials are not for use in an emergency such as sending Detection or Rescue Dogs with the best abilities to the right places because this is a judgment that can only be made by the Trainer.
Taking dogs to places where dogs generally do not go requires rational ethical & polite behavior of all involved. Some of the Specialties require the type of social behaviors that will be needed, but this can also vary for type of access, type of destination, how closely Trainer/Handler will be controlling, and many other variables. Some of our Sporting Belt Grades cover some of these behaviors but If you intend to press your rights to take your dog where others do not want it, USC can not help.

USC is currently taking applications for Dog Training Instructors.

We are currently accepting new listings based on your expertise and experience in addition to the programs now offered by courses.
New puppy buyers and dog owners in your area will be referred to you.
You set your own rates and contract directly with your Dog Partner Trainers, Patients and Guardians. credentials are optional and are registered on a per dog basis. credentials are useful in identifying good stud dogs and brood bitches. credentials are useful to describe Instructors' experience. credentials are step by step marks of achievement that Owners/Trainers can proudly show.
All Service specialties have the Belt grade level of 'Brown'; this is usually a one year program. All specialties require a panel review before the 'Brown Belt' grade can be registered.
The peer review credentials are being issued across Working and Service Dog Specialties based on availability of Instructors and travel distance; these are based on the Peer Review Panel's judgment of the performance of your Student Trainers and Specific Dogs.
Some of our Service specialties have the Belt grade level of 'Black'; this is usually a two year program.
The application fee is $25 and includes listing in the Registry as Training Instructor and also a Breeder listing is free with this if applicable. This is a one time fee and your listings remain as long as you are active in the program.
The courses are available to registered Instructors.
Applications will be sent by email within 72 hours.
Applicants will be accepted or denied within 10 days of receipt.
Application fee is fully refundable if you do not qualify.
If you decide to withdraw your Registry listing and return the material within 30 days for any reason, your application fee will be fully refunded.

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