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USC is currently taking applications for Dog Training Instructors.

We are currently accepting new listings based on your expertise and experience in addition to the programs now offered by courses.
You set your own rates and contract directly with your Dog Partner Trainers, Patients and Guardians. credentials are optional and are registered on a per dog basis. credentials are useful in identifying good stud dogs and brood bitches. credentials are useful to describe Instructors' experience.
All Service specialties have the 'Harness' grade level of 'Brown'; this is usually a one year program. All specialties require a panel review before the 'Brown Harness' grade can be registered.
The peer review credentials are being issued across Working and Service Dog Specialties based on availability of Instructors and travel distance; these are based on the Peer Review Panel's judgment of the performance of your Student Trainers and Specific Dogs.
Some of our Service specialties have the 'Harness' grade level of 'Black'; this is usually a two year program.
The application fee is $25 and includes listing in the Registry as Training Instructor and also a Breeder listing is free with this if applicable. This is a one time fee and your listings remain as long as you are active in the program.
The courses are available to registered Instructors.
Applications will be sent by email within 72 hours.
Applicants will be accepted or denied within 10 days of receipt.
Application fee is fully refundable if you do not qualify.
Application fee is fully refundable within 30 days if you return the material and withdraw your Registry listing.

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